Is a northbridge chipset cooler worth it?

Hello I'm building a new i7 system with an asus p6t deluxe which has the option to install a 40mm northbridge chipset cooler. Is it worth it to buy one of these and if so could you name a good one?
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  1. The short answer would be no. If you don't know, then you don't need one. Also, the NB cooler ships with the P6T Deluxe... it's a little plastic fan.

    They are useful for experienced overclockers, and also can be good for people who have minimal air flow through the case because most of their components are water-cooled.

    The normal builder will have a CPU cooler installed, whether stock or not, that will stir around enough air in that area.
  2. But the fan that ships with mobo is it to be used only with water cooling according to the manual and I won't be using that so if I'd buy a NB fan it would be one in addition to my air cooling. And I'll have stock cooling until I overclock. So you think it isn't worth it?
  3. You do not need a NB fan. The heatsink that is already there is sufficient. If the day comes that you need more cooling there, you will know what to do at that point.
  4. I completely agree with Proximon. I've run very high overclocks on systems for years without ever using a Northbridge chipset cooler.
  5. Agreed. Most chipsets run pretty cool. It won't hurt if you put one on, but you do not need it.
  6. Ok thanx all for you help :D
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