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I am just curious what is the difference between Mirco mobos verses regular mobos besides size? I mean what features are you losing and is it a problem to get a micro mobo ? What are its draw backs, not able to fit sli graphics cards?

Thanks for the help in advance
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  1. Besides size, micro mobos generally only have 2 RAM slots, less PCI/PCI-E slots, less sata, etc. Basically less room to upgrade, but performance wise do great, in accordance to what you put in them.
  2. ^ Depends on the mobo that you will select IMO as in general you can say that mATX boards would have lesser RAM slots, limited upgrade paths -
    Check the ASUS Rampage III Gene- It is a mTX x58 board(Currently Intel's top end offering) with 6RAM slots, 2x PCIe x16 slots for SLI/ Crossfire and also offers SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0...
    So I would say that you should reserve the decision if a mATX board would be good or not, based on the features of that mobo and not mATX boards in general...
  3. Continuing gkay's excellent description, in the end, it is all about size. Personally, I'd go with micro ATX, since it will fit in a micro ATX case. Which is also the only thing an ATX motherboard lose to. :lol:
  4. are there any good micro atx mobos for amd or just intel really?
  5. ^ You get good mATX boards for both Intel and AMD...For which CPU are you looking for??
  6. Disregarding dual GPU configuration and more than 2 slots of DDR3 RAM (that would be 8GB max), even a mini ITX motherboard will serve you well. Assuming you're not a power user. :P

    Check out the ones from JW Minix and ASUS, since they make very nice mini ITX motherboards. ;)

    You can find micro ATX motherboard quite a lot in the market, since they usually become an alternative for the ATX version. Meaning, if you like the features of a certain ATX motherboard, you'll most likely find a micro ATX counterpart.
  7. I am building a system now. Here is a list of the components.

    CPU: Phenom II BE X4 965 ~165$ (for value but if intel drops their cpus this month in price il snatch it up) [...] 6819103727

    GPU: EVGA GTX 470~ $260 [...] 6814130550

    RAM: G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin 1600, timing 9-9-9-24 ~ $60
    (these seem the most logical as for price and quality)

    Mobo: Asus 890GX ~ 150$
    (This board could be switched for a micro atx one?) [...] 6813131631

    Drive: Samsung spinpoint 1Tb ~ $70 [...] 6822152185

    PSU: I have a Rosewell 1000W 2 12v rail modular, so power is not a probelm

    edit sorry ment micro not mini
  8. Well, that kinda defeats the purpose of having a mini ITX mobo. A micro ATX would be a wiser option indeed then. Usually, a mini ITX is the basis for a slim PC or shuttle PC platform. Considering all the muscle you've mentioned... I can't say that it's proportional in every sense.

    But if you're curious, the only "real" barrier would be the motherboard's TDP support. The Quad core Phenom is at least a 125W TDP CPU. If the mobo supports it, then by all means, go for it! :D (I don't think they do though :P )

    That 1000W PSU is kinda scary too... lol

    A mini ITX platform with a 1000W PSU... It's kinda awkward to even imagine. :lol:
  9. Sorry I ment micro I changed it quick. So any micro atx mobos for amd 4 core or 6 core that have most of the same extras that regular atx mobos have. Or do you feel the same way about micro as well? Also does any one have good idea for mini towers that are good for ocing ?
  10. If you're looking for dual GPU slots, I can't seem to find one.

    Something bothers me though; A mini tower for OC'ing?

    I'm not an overclocker myself... But AFAIK, small case and OC just don't get along well. CMIIW anyone. OC is about good cooling system, be it by air or water cooled. That's the main reason why you'll need room for the cooling system. That means big and/or lots of fans. For water cooled, you'll need room for the pipes. I've seen some custom made cases for the compromise between the two factors, but haven't met any after market ones yet.

    I'm beginning to see your point here. You're planning to build a mini tower OC'd gaming rig, am I correct? I'm not competent to give advice on OC'ing. The more experienced members might be able to help you on this issue.
  11. Well the more I look into it the more I am stearing away from duel graphics cards. I will probably just settle ona gtx 470 by EVGA or a comperable ATI model and then get a full functioned micro axt mobo (sata 6 gb/s, usb 3.0, etc) then put the Scythe Mugen 2 on my cpu, hopefully this will keep my system cool. Here is a picture of a similar system but I am not gonna put 2 gpus in because that would justbe too hot.
  12. In that case, this one might be of your interest:

    It's Gigabyte's GA-880GMA-UD2H. Should answer your needs for SATA III and USB 3.0 support. ;)
  13. Hmm if thats a link my computer must not be letting me see it =/ but I will check out the board name thanks a ton
  14. It was a picture actually, but just by googling the name should direct you to the intended product in a blink of an eye... :lol:
  15. Yeah thanks a ton, now I just need to decide on a cpu
  16. I thought you said that you're going for the Phenom II X4 BE? Well, it's your call anyway.

    For value, AMD is better. I definitely will go for an i7 if the prices are $100 cheaper myself... :lol: But I don't think that's possible for now (ever would be more precise). :P
  17. or how about 120 dollars cheaper?
    sadly the closest microcenter to me is 3 hours away =[
  18. That's still close enough. I'm half way across the globe from US. That's 2 days of travelling, and cost more than $3000. :P

    Intel is a better performer without a doubt. With a small margin in price ($50), the decision making is simplified. But a $170 Phonom BE with a decent overclocking potential is also an offer hard to resist. It all comes down to preference and budget in the end.
  19. haha that is true I pity you, it does make me feel better though after I just shipped back the case they sent me(wrong model) and it cost me 60 dollars over all for restocking and shipping =.= oh well I wont make the mistake ever again I guess.

    Out of curiosity can any one tell me if these are compatible.

    Also the mobo has crossfire for its onboard graphics which I am assuming are awful but either way. I was wondering if an nvidia card like the gtx 470 will work in this board. I know it wont crossfire with the ati chip but will it work alright in the mobo?
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    You mean the "hybrid Crossfire"? You're right, it's pathetic. :P

    For a single GPU setup, the nVidia card will work just fine.

    As for the 3 components you've mentioned, they're compatible. Don't worry about it. But in some rare cases, some RAM modules somehow have trouble working with some motherboards. It's best to check the RAM compatibility from ASUS' website, and see if it's listed. It's a very slim chance that the RAM won't work with the board though. The worst possible scenario is the RAM clock speed will not be at its max.
  21. Well I finished pricing the system out and now I just need to decide if I am gonna spend the extra 150$ to jump to i7 build where I wont have to worry about upgrading for a while. Or stick with AMD and upgrade in a year or so. Sigh decisions decisions. Thanks for all your help every one.
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