What is the fastest way to erase a SATA drive?

With Stompsoft "Drive Washer" I can clean any ide HDrive, but when I try to wipe a sata drive the mouse pointer freezes up. Wh
y does this happen & what can I do to remedy this problem? Thanks for your help!
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  1. The fastest way to erase a drive is to quick format it. If you mean scrub the data, that always takes a while, especially with larger drives. If you can issue a secure erase command to the drive, that would be best. Other than that, use a tool like DBAN.

  2. i would second DBAN, or if you have a utility/WinPE type disc such as heirens boot Disc or BartPE, these have drive wipes that are not running in windows. Also depending on the disc, Seagate Disc that comes with new drives has a secure erase (WD and basically any hdd mfg will have these)

    Now if your trying to wipe your C: while in windows, if the software your using is not intelligent enough to know you cannot do this, maybe thats why your locking up
  3. Does the drive have the operating system on it??
    For a secure erease you can try: http://www.killdisk.com/?gclid=CNCq97SXy68CFbMEQAodiw2PYg
    If just want to "clear" the drive and drive does NOT have the operating system on it, Go to diskmanager and REMOVE the parttion.
    You can then repartition the drive and do a quick format.
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