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I was just looking at the Asus P7P55D-E manual and notice that it had the following PCI Express Slots, PCIex1 - 3 slots; PCIex2 slot x16 and PCI 2 slots. I know I am getting old but I do not understand what those slots are used for, except the PCI slot. What does the PCIe 1 slot do and what does the PCIe 2 16 slot do?

The PCIex1 slots are small what are they used for?

(Information came from the manual about the motherboard page 22. Have not bought the card yet.)

Does this motherboard have one or two slots for graphics cards.
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    PCIe x1 slots can be used for USB3-to-PCIe adapter cards, sound cards, ethernet adapter cards, etc.

    PCIe-2 x16 slot can be used for a second graphics adapter card for crossfire or SLI connection, or for any PCIe card ranging from PCIex1 to PCIe x16, i.e. you can fit in a PCIe x16 slot a PCIe x1 card, a PCIe x4 card, up to PCIe x16 card. PCIe slots are backward compatible regarding link width, I mean x1, x2, x4, x8, x16.

    I think your M/B has two slots for graphics card installation. You can find the info in the M/B manual.

    Hope this helps.
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