Catalyst doesn't show card temperature/fan speed etc.

These are the only options I have.
Do I need to instal any additional software to access those additional settings?
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  1. Which version of the cat's is that?

    Is that an agp version of the card?
  2. Version is 9.11h.
    And that's because I had a looooooooot of problems trying to make new 10.2 drivers work, so I finally just returned to the stock drivers from the CD.

    And yep, it's AGP 8x
  3. Well, if the driver's don't have the overdrive section best just download gpu-z, it will report the same info and more most likely.
  4. Try 10.1 or 10 they have them!

    Edit : Oops. AGP hey, difficult, there is hotfix avaliable for 10.2 on ati driver
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