I have a problem with my Gigabyte P31DS3L,I'm unable to re-START/re-boot the computer if I shutdown the computer through Windows, but weird thing is, if I'm restart/reboot through Windows, the problem will not happens. Right now, the solution to my problem is, I need to turn off power wall plug, then turn it again , then start the computer like normal.

Please help me.
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  1. What, exactly, happens when you get the 'unsuccessful start' - nothing at all, something or other on-screen, beeps from motherboard?
  2. Please follow info from Bilbat. also just check on your MB if any of the Capicitors are swelling, they will swell on the top and have an alkilyne residue, this is caused by age and heat. if the caps are swollen it will cause a short in current within the board, it will not be able to regulate the current. by pulling the power out of the computer, the board will be able to discharge. Not sure that this is the problem but just take a quick look.
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