ATI Radeon HD 4200; Crossfire/SLI?

Hey everyone me again, On a new ASUS Motherboard im getting for my gaming PC(, it has an integrated ATI HD 4200 video card. 1. I was wondering how it compares to my current GeForce 9200, and 2. I know nVIDIA has SLI, and for that you would need 2 of the same model video cards, i.e. if I wanted to run an SLI setup I would have to get another GeForce 9200, and the ATI Equivalent of that is Crossfire. With Crossfire, would I also have to get another 4200 model or could I use a 4670/ 4 or 5 series model? Thanks in advanced!
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  1. The 4200 is an inbuilt graphics chip so you can't really crossfire them. Well you can but it's not really worth it.

    Your 9200 probably isn't much better, if at all. Your best bet would be to tell us what your budget is and we can figure out the best card for you from there. Also what games will you want to play, and what cpu do you have?
  2. The 4200 IGP dose not support what is called Hybrid CrossFireX only the older AMD 780 integrated chipset supported it and has yet to be implemented in the 4200 IGP (if at all).

    From what I can tell the HD 4200 IGP and GeForce 9200 are roughly on par with each other if not the 4200 has a slight edge, from what I can find. Niether of which are really gaming graphics cards. Best get yourself at least a HD 4650 or GT 240 if you are looking to game.
  3. i was looking at a ATI HD 4670 and some 5 series. I planning to scrap my current computer for parts, but the CPU i plan to get is a AMD Phenom X4 9750 Agena 2.4GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ I have around a 300$ budget and i found out its cheaper to build your own gaming rig instead of buying whole. Im going to Use my HD and RAM and possibly even my PSU from my current Acer Aspire X1200. And my 300$ budget is total, no for one item. Here is the list of the parts I plan to buy:

    One of these cases:

    I plan to play GTA IV(which i could get a solid 10 FPS with my 9200 and an AMD Athlon X2 4050e processor) Battlefield BC 2, CoD(which i can run fine already, Gmod, Coutner Strike, L4D, alot of Steam games, etc.
  4. 1. Don't really need a Quad for gaming except for GTA.

    2. A 4670 is good, however, you can get quite a bit more performance for a little more with a 9800GT:
    Tom's Hardware - Benchmarks. As you can see, the 9800GT is quite a bit ahead. Heck, even better, a 4850:

    3. If you plan to put anything above a 4670, get a new PSU too.

    4. Also, what resolution are you running at?
  5. I got a 1280x1024 LCD monitor. And I just want the Quadcore so I wont have to upgrade any time soon, and also I want no chance of lag. I dont need any thoughts on Processors, only Vid Cards. But Ill check out that 4850.
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    if you go quad, don't get the Phenom, not worth

    get the Athlon II X4 620, quad core and built on the Phenom II architecture, its about the same price ($100)

    also the phenom you listed doesn't come with a heatsink fan
  7. Thanks!
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