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Msi afterburner wont show up in crysis 3 beta

I have tryed adding crysis 3 mp beta .exe
and crysis3(the registered symbol)mpbeta.exe
and yet i still cant get it to show up?
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    Have you been in afterburners settings? theres a list there of temp,corespeeds etc and tickboxes to show in osd, I have done it that way and haven't added anything to anything profilewise,
    Its in the monitoring section, I just doublechecked
  2. Yes i have tryed,it works for my other games but wont show up only in the beta. It sucks because i carry a very high kd and would like to capture some footage for youtube but it wont show up.
  3. No idea then sorry, mines working and I've never used it before today so maybe someone else might know the issue
    Have you set the shortcut keys up for it? try toggling when ingame?
  4. tryed all of them..ill have to try uninstall then re install just sucks because i went through hours configuring it to record voice on teamspeak and sound ingame
  5. So i had afterburner 2.1.1 you need the latest to recognize the beta. thanks for the replies though.
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  7. Aah, I overlooked the 'latest version' myself :)
    Ty for B.a. man, glad you got sorted
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