Good MoBo for i7-950 build (preferably with sick black friday deal on it)

I'm getting an i7-950 from microcenter on Friday and was looking for a good mobo to use with it. I'll be using an NVIDIA GTX 470 and whatever RAM is known to work well with the board in question.
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  1. MoBo Budget ?

    Pick one of these:

    RAM Budget ?

    CAS 6 - Most builds this year I have done with the Mushkin Enhanced Redlines or "Radioactives" depending on what was cheaper on day of order. $0mm height keeps them from interfering w/ CPU coolers

    CAS 7 - Here I been doing the Corsair's or Mushkin Blacklines, again both of which have low height

    Built 3 machines this month w/ this MoBo , redlines, factory OC's 470's .... two w/ Antec DF-85 and one w/ HAF-932.
  2. I actually ended up buying all on Black Friday:

    Asus P6X58D Premium (Newegg Ultra Secret Sale)

    MSI GTX 470 (Newegg Ultra Secret Sale)

    i7-950 (Microcenter Doorbuster)

    64GB Microcenter SSD (Microcenter doorbuster)

    Now I just need to figure out what RAM is best for that MoBo without breaking my budget (which is already broken to the tune of about $200 sigh). I'm not really familiar with triple channel RAM: do I need to buy RAM in triples like you used to have to try and keep it in pairs?
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