DDR3 1333 vs 1600?

I have core i5-750 OC it to 4.0ghz (200x20) and a kingston RAM ddr3 1333.
and I use the 1200 frequency of the RAM.
should I stick to the value RAM 1333 or I should get the 1600 RAM.
does the 1600 RAM increase the cpu performance?
or does it help increase my system performance?
I use this system for gaming.
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  1. It wont increase any real world performance numbers.. It'll give you slightly better and more stable overclocking headroom.. Opt for the Corsair Dominator series if you are thinking about upgrading to 1600 MHz memory modules..
  2. higher RAM frequency gives better stability and headroom.
    does it means that it'll make my OC to lower voltage.
    cause I'm using a high voltage on my OC 1.4vcore.

    can I still lower my voltage if I use a high frequency RAM?
  3. GOOD 1600 RAM uses better IC's {e.g. Corsair} and the difference (NOT mixed) will increase the FPS +2~5+ maybe 8 FPS over 'Value' RAM.
  4. im planning to buy this RAM G.SKILL trident F3-12800CL8D-4GBTD (2Gx2) .
    my motherboard is not listed on the RAM's motherboard qualified list.
    and the RAM also is not listed on my motherboard RAM support list.
    is it still OK to use this RAM? or there might be a performance problem.
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    As long as your MOBO is on that list then sure.

    Example, keep in mind many of the benchmarks compared very good 1066/1333 to mediocre 1600 RAM. Tom's has a habit of that to prove some bizarre point; I've learned to tear through the caveats.
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  7. It depends upon what are the other specifications the system has. Both DDR3 RAM 1333MHz and 1600 MHz are good options. However, DDR3 RAM with 1600 MHz provides slightly good performance. Try AUM DDR3 RAM, ZIPMEM DDR3 RAM.
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