Cant Make Hdmi all

I have a new Tv...and a new cpu with windows 7 64-bit. However my computer seems unable to find the tv-application. Indeed if i start up my cpu with the cable plugged in, it simply freezes in opening there some driver i dont have?
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  1. Can you post some expanded specification of the computer.

    No dxdiag's or anything like that.

    Just some neat and concise overview of the comp's hardware.
  2. GC is ATI HD5770

    2GB Ram, 1333mhz

    750Gb Samsung Harddisk

    Mainboard is Asus P7P55D LE S-1156

    Cpu is Intel 2,66 Ghz 8MB s-1156

    My TV's a Panasonic Viera...Plz help...
  3. When you start up your computer, press f8 and look for a vga mode option. See if that can get you into windows and allow you to download and install the latest driver and see if that helps.
  4. You might have to enter the T.V.'s menu and look for options for what hdmi...1,2,3,4,etc you have the computer hooked to and/or you may have to set the T.V. to computer.
  5. No luck yet...nothing works...wth..
  6. Is th e graphics card a seperate card or on-board?
  7. on-board
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