PWM 4pin mobo, 3 pin fan

I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I'm upgrading my CPU fan but the one I ordered has only 3 pins to plug into the mobo. But my mobo is a 4 pin. I've heard you can just bypass the last pin #4 (speed control pin?) . Would this cause the fans rpm to be set at maximum all the time? Or would the pc still control rpm depending on CPU temp? Also this fan came with a Molex 4 pin adapter but my PSU doesn't use molex,instead has the sata drive power connectors (not sure what they are called) . So pretty much I'm wondering if I should get a speed switch for the or will the mobo adjust? Btw I would rather use a manual speed switch than software to control them. thank you
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  1. Yes, you can just ignore the 4th pin when you plug in the 3-pin fan. (Just line up the notches so you are left with the correct 4th-pin free)

    Most motherboards will "auto-detect" the three-pin fan and control the speed using voltage. (12v=max speed, less voltage = less speed)
  2. your awesome thank you
  3. You're welcome.
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