How exactly does hypertransport affect performance in an amd cpu? Does it affect oc'ing, stability, transfer rate, etc.

Thanks in advanced.
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    Hypertransport is the link between the CPU and RAM. The faster, the faster the communication. Irrelevant if the RAM can't keep up though.
  2. tests have been done including my own experience that higher overclocks are possible with a lower ht speed, but ht speed itself rarely affects performance
  3. How does a lower ht equate to a better overclock?
  4. Computerrock1 said:
    How does a lower ht equate to a better overclock?

    If your OC'ing using the multiplier on a black edition, it doesn't. However, it is similar to the FSB in standard OC'ing. The hypertransport usually has a speed limit, so you may have to drop the hypertransport multiplier at some point.
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