Amd 965 Getting hot?

I bought a new processor for my mobo which is out of date and will upgrade when i get money. But my fan wont go over 600-700 rpm when it does it only spins fast when i did a stress test it went to 74 degrees then it kicked on over 1000 somewhere and didnt monitor after that. I wired it directly to a 4 pin connector and still only mid 900's is that normal for a fan i thought they were higher. Seems my cpu isnt staying at a decent temp ingame its in 60-64 area constantly. Going to upgrade fans eventually but for now just want this working.
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  1. 60 to 64C during gaming isn't too bad for that CPU. I had a 940 and it was between 50-55C under stress but yours is clocked higher so this might be normal.

    It also depends greatly on your cooler? Is it stock or after market? It also depends on the ventilation in your case, do you have a big case with a lot of 120mm fans? If you have poor air flow in the case it sure doesn't help.

    That being said, I don't consider 60-64C under load to be really critical. That CPU will shutdown automatically around 95C so it means you still have a lot of headroom.
  2. case has a lot of fans in it 2 big fans and 2 med forget size but its stock cooler i just read the site says max temp is 62 so i got worried
  3. Yes you are right I just did a quick Google search and 62C is reported on many different sites, it's strange. Still, I see some people reporting to go 70-80C with that CPU without problem. Maybe AMD is very conservative suggesting 62C as a max operating temperature. I wouldn't be too worried. I'm pretty sure this CPU won't shutdown automatically before it reaches between 85-95C. Anyways every modern CPUs have internal sensors so when they reach a temperature that is too high they will shutdown automatically to prevent damage, you will know if this happens. :)

    Nevertheless if you still want to drop your temps furthermore, since you already have good ventilation in your case your next step would be to get an aftermarket cooler. Also need to remove previous thermal paste with Isopropyl alcohol and put new one.
  4. k ill have to wait to get a new aftermarket cooler thanks.
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