Bridging two routers

Hi all,

For some time now I've been running D-Link DSL-G604T to allow several computers wireless access to an ADSL connection.

Recently though I've acquired a computer (a 2003 Power Mac G5, to be precise) without a wireless card, and the original part from Apple doesn't seem to be terribly well priced.

Unfortunately the design of this house means that the modem/router is not where I want the G5 and the modem can't go where I want the G5 because there's no phone connection.

I also have a Linksys WRT54G2 lying around doing nothing, as well as few older machines (Power Mac G3 and a Compaq Proliant) I one day want to set up as file servers.

Ideally if I was to set up those machines as file servers (or even just one of them) I'd like to be able to access files on them from any other machine.

Would it therefore be possible to bridge the Linksys and the D-Link routers and connect using Ethernet to the former? That way I could still access the internet on the G5 and files on the server/s, but not need to buy a bunch of different wireless adaptors for them.

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  1. This gives some idea of how to link two routers.
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