Petition Microsoft for Windows 7 feature?

Why would they remove the super handy netmeeting? Can we all sign a petition to bring it back? Why kill a good thing that's been there since day 1?
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  1. Never used it, but did u see the Shared View?
  2. Found this in the Microsoft answers:

    I know the OP question is how to install Netmeeting on Win7, but recent posters are also asking for an alternative ...

    I'm not sure if you're looking for a free solution or paid. I've been using TeamViewer ( for personal/family and like it much better than Netmeeting - nice UI and features. It's free if you use it for non-commerical use.

    It defaults to use internet mode, but it can be easily switched into LAN only mode as many people on this post have been asking.See:
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