Corsair XMS3 w/ asus p7p55d-e LX extreme problem

ok guys im very woried.

i got my friend who is overseas to purchace some ram for my core i5 build, he ended up buying me corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9

but I am reading forums now and people are saying it is not good with the motherboard i have. Please i need to know is this like a consistent problem or just a one off thing?

also will i be able to run the ram at the advertized clock of 1600mhz?

sorry im a noob

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  1. What mobo? It should run fine but at 1333 unless you overclock.
  2. asus p7p55d-e LX, but it is advertised as 1600mhz tho?
  3. All RAM works at 1333 unless you OC but there's no real difference between 1333 and 1600 so leave it. Just make sure you set your RAM voltage in the BIOS to 1.65V
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