SSD on a MSI mobo with SATA 2

Hi guys and gals, I have a MSI H61M-P23 mobo and it only has SATA 2. Im curious about transfer speeds and comparisons to a regular HDD. Im running a Seagate 7200 rpm HDD and am wondering a couple things. First off, my load speeds are already pretty snappy (cold boot to windows >1minute). Im a little curious as to how fast load speeds are with only SATA 2 instead of 3. Second, are there different cables between SATA 2 and 3? I have found a good priced SSD and am one click away from having it ordered, so any input would be much appreciated. THANKS!
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  1. also, I have seen SATA 3 PCIE adapters floating around and am curious as to how well those work.
  2. To quote myself from another thread, "An SSD with SATA III interface will run perfectly well on an SATA II motherboard. You will lose some of the potential bandwidth, but it will be head and shoulders above an HDD. I know; I am running such a rig."

    About the SATA PCIE adapters that you have seen: If they are PCIE x1 (one lane) then they are junk. Well, not really, but SATA III is faster than a single PCIE lane, so you will be choked by the PCIE connection even if there is only one drive on the controller. PCIE x4 seems to be the minimum.
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