Help Pls - Motherboard Not Responding

This isn't actually the correct sub-category, sorry, there didn't seem to be a suitable one :pfff:

Motherboard =

PT8907MB-2.0-8ERS2H (as per tiny label on motherboard)
PT8907MB / P4M8907MB / P4M9007MB (as per stamped info on motherboard).

System =
Packard Bell X2613
Was running Vista on Intel Quad Code CPU and 2GB RAM

In summary, I'm helping a friend who changed their 250W PSU after it "popped" and the system suddenlt switched off.
He replaced it with a 570W PSU and connected it all correctly but it didn't spring to life: the blue power LED on the case stays illuminated as does the red HDD LED - but no other signs of life :fou:

I've tested the PSU and all voltages are fine. Interestingly, as soon as I connect the P1 connector to my voltage tester, the case fans start spinning and there are signs of life :o :pt1cable:

The old PSU is definitely dead and it looks to be correctly fitted (I've did it again myself).

Can anyone shed any light or ideas to help me/us?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If the ps connectors are inserted properly, about all that you can do is reset the bios. Just pop out the battery for about one minute, and reinstall with the system off. If the system doesn't come to life, I would find another board and windows coa. Your old operating system probably won't even load on a different motherboard. In the next two months, especially January, you'll see some great closeout deals. Last year hp had a complete box with windows for $165 on their website. Those deals usually sell out in minutes or hours.
  2. Ta for the idead 01die, I haven't reseated the BIOS battery - will do that in a minute or two.

    It's sounding like a dead motherboard then? Even when all seemed futile, most problems have usually been fixable - so this is what a duff motherboard feels like??

  3. I removed and reinstalled the CMOS battery and as I suspected, it made no difference. I couldn't see how it could have done :sweat:

    Does anyone else have any suggestions or idead - pretty please ??

    Thanks - with hope!
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