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Hate to be left in the dark by companies who sold us PC/parts and then ... they outsource (even their site is dead)!

Problem 1: Purchased 2007 eMachine "ET1161-97" Athlon X2 4050e, MoBo: mcp61pm-gm (rev.2.2.)

Outsourcing is OK, for those who jump ship for profit, but how about us, Schlomo & Joe, left in the sand... ?

I tried (believe me!) all possible search/links and got stuck into the "arizona desert", to be bland... No "sites" there!

Problem 2: Trying hard to revive a finicky MoBo before dumping it to the mobo heavens...

@ PC was "eMachines" / Gateway with a MoBo: mcp61pm-gm (rev.2.2)
@ CPU was AMD Athlon X2 4050e
@ Chipset was nVIDIA GeForce 6150SE
@ Memory was 3 x 1024MB DDR2 - set in Four (4) RAM slots

The rest was just junk, as in the case of sell-it to the dumb... (including bloatware, introductory softs, games and ccrap)!

Losing the main board, I was trying to find a printed manual, so I could start from scratch... but I found no such chance...

I make an appeal to any person that would feel the same, to extend me a hand! where do we go for lost MoBos?


Mike Nichols, MNI.

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  1. Finding the manual for that mobo won't help you revive it. You would be better off tossing that one and just installing a generic mATX mobo in its place.

    eMachines is owned by Gateway. Below is their link to this mobo. You might be able to dig around and find the manual (but it won't help you).

    Chuck the mobo and recycle the rest as appropriate. Good luck!
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