Win-7 ** RETAIL BOX ** What are the " Rules " ?

Does anyone know (for certain, please) how "portable" the license agreement on various RETAIL BOX versions of Win7 64bit is ? ?

What can I do ... at home ... at work .. what is the difference from OEM ?? (on what I can and cannot do and how mwny installations ... concurrent, etc.).

= I Just Don't Know and that ... "would be good to know" =
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    It is one license per machine... so you can't install it on multiple systems (home, work, wife's... etc.). The difference is you get support from Microsoft and can have multiple installs with no issues.
    On an OEM you can't transfer the liscense to new motherboard on a new socket, which you can on the Full version.
    It is easier to reinstall with in the first three months if you have issues. OEM verison is a little harder to do reinstalls (more hoops to go through... Im my experience.
  2. Strange ... I would think that the RETAIL BOX version would cost something like 60% more.

    Huh ... TWO copies of OEM for le$$ than ONE copy of BOXED.

    And that is the only diff?? I guess they just don't sell OEM at Brick-n-Mortar Stores ... THAT must be the main diff.

    = Al =
  3. Correct about the Brick-n-mortar part.

    Do you know any students? They'd be able to get you a great deal on it (my college sells either Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional for $25 each license). These are upgrades, but are easily converted to full installs with a simple registry key change.
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