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I have no idea how to overclock. I read posts and watched videos. lot's of people have achieved 950 core and 1150 memory with the default voltage. I watched Linus's video on it and he said to look for what other people have overclocked to and start a bit lower than that. Then test for stability. Here is where I am stuck. What is better, MSI KOMBUSTOR or FURMARK? And what settings do I use with them? Also I currently have a custom fan curve, do I use the custom fan curve or set it to max/low?
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  1. Try both programs there both good and its a matter of preference which one you prefer, the fan setting depends on whether it keeps your temperature at a decent rate again its preference but I never like a gpu to get to 70c max I'm much happier at 60-65c they can go higher I know but that's my preference
  2. Thanks, I will try it tomorrow.

    Good day to you.
  3. Okay I have it at 975 core, haven't touched the memory yet. Just curious, what should be the max temperature for 6870 overclocking, I was thinking around 80 or 85C. Right now it's around 75 with 975 core and stock memory. Also people have said to use "normal" settings but make it full screen and make it your native resolution.
  4. I've got the 6870 too, max I've managed to o/c it is to 950 Core clock and 1080 Memory
  5. Okay I lied, I wasn't testing it properly, now I'm back to 975 core and it's been testing for 7 minutes. If this continues I'm probably gonna test for for 1hr just to be sure. I have no idea what to clock to for memory...
  6. I have just managed to get my memory clock up to 1150, seems to be pretty easy too.
    Core clock still 940
  7. Don't you mean 950? Anyways, I got the core stable at 965 without touching voltages and I don't even want to because I don't know how. I will try 1150 memory.
  8. YAY! Got 965 on the core and 1150 on memory. Too much testing for today haha. I will test some more to get a bit higher memory if I can.

    Good day to you all.
  9. I have actually managed to get Memory Clock to 1200. With Core Clock at 940
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