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im using a Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80ghz,can some body here help me out with deciding the best fan arrangement suiting my pc,it has 1 gb ram,600W psu with a bottom fan that i believe is sucking hot air from the system and the rear fan which obviously is acting as an exhaust fan,256mb nvidia 7300gs,40gb hd and a dvd rom that is all.At the general rear side of my pc another exhaust fan is roaring...i have fixed another one at the bottom of its side door which is in taking cool air(not an exhaust fan).Is this kind of fan arrangement suitable??
I would appreciate any response.
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  1. First, what case are you using?

    Second, please clarify the size of the fans along with the locations. I'm having a hard time understanding what you posted.

    Third, what is your intent? Is it to eliminate the exhaust fan from making a loud noise?
  2. leave it it fixed by a nerd guy....i dont know much about computers to be honest therefore im not good enough to clarify anything...anyway thank you for your concern,i appreciate that.
  3. Basic rule is front and side fans are intake. Back and top fans are exhaust.

    PSU fans always exhaust.
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