Eyefinity question for those that are using it

do you guys know if I can buy a monitor with this already set?

im getting mixed answers as far as what adapter..

ati tells me i can get a $20 adapter and or a 100 $ adapter form apple for ex ..both will do the trick..

any ideas?
im confused..

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  1. They have native DisplayPort monitors however your screen size and screen resolution will be limited, most are 30" 2560x1600 monitors.

    Newegg has this native DP monitor 22" 1680x1050 for $350 + shipping.
    But compared to a non native DP monitor like so:
    Most of these are roughly $100-200 below the one in my first post.

    Specifically which $20 adapters did ATI say work?
  2. also is there a particular setting in these games that i need to do to enable 2 lcd eyefinity?
    avp spans both screens just fine..its stretched..but never the less its there..

    borderlands, l4d2, call of duty..these have the same image on both screens.. and I DO have the monitors grouped as one big one in the ccc..
  3. Im not familiar with that specific version of the DP to VGA adapter but Ive had success with this one:
    Model #: AP-DPVGA-005 It was $25 when I bought it and it indeed works but newegg no longer carries it so find another website you can trust and get it.

    Edit go to the games graphics options and select the correct screen resolution. ex. 3840x1080 for dual 1920x1080 screens.
  4. http://www.hardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1472222
    Three people in this thread have had success with your adapter linked here:
    So I guess it works, but they still had to do some tinkering with their cables to get it to work.

    Edit: another thread for more proof.
  5. well it looks like the connectors are similar to the more expensive adapter..
    I got a taste of eyefinity with 2 lcd's..nice..although I will likely need a wireless keyboard..if im too close..i get dizzy..lol... sensetive eyes..

    and yes that adapter seems to do the trick..its what ATI mentioned was the alternative to using the more expsnaive $100+ adapter..

    does this eyefinity apply to dvd/blue ray playback do you know?

    thanks for your help by the way..
  6. what kind of res should I aim for when using this technology?
    what do you think of this monitor? I saw it on sale at microcenter..its 24" and it looks NICE..
    its a chin lin brand, its off brand if anything..but it was 5ms for $169..
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