Liquid Nitrogen cooled waterloop?

Hi this is an idea going throgh my head and i want some advice from someone a little more technically minded than me to tell me if it's feasible or if I'm flogging a dead horse.

Would it be possible to create a LN2 chamber, with a radiator style hollow running through the bottom of the copper, to cool the waterloop as it runs through? Nobody i know of makes anything like this. That may be because its a dumb idea but i think there may be some validity in it.

I know people use ln2 to cool the chips and hardware directly, but has anyone ever used it to cool the waterloop on a watercooled pc? Also, by using car antifreeze (which is also coolant), you could theoretically get the coolant temps in your loop down to around -15 degrees.

Do you think i've got a good idea; or do you think i need to lay off the bathsalts?

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  1. Erm... no, that's not going to happen.

    The pressure required to keep the nitrogen in liquid form would make such a system EXTREMELY infeasible... and there'd be no way of doing maintenance on it.

    You also don't want your watercooling loop to be below ambient temperatures unless it's HEAVILY insulated - otherwise you have all sorts of nasty condensation issues.
  2. Yea. No way on earth
  3. Liquid nitrogen boils immediately when it comes into contact with warmer objects, so unless you can contain the evaporation and recycle it you would have to constantly keep refilling it.
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