Hey guys over this holiday weekend I picked up a phenom II x4 940 along with a gigabyte micro ATX 760g motherboard the CPU was on sale for $100 and the mobo was $50 so for $150 bucks i feel like I made a pretty substantial upgrade from my old nforce4 mobo and AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+. I plan to upgrade in the next 2 or 3 years, so my question is will this upgrade hold me over until then?????

Other thoughts: The 940 quad core is only AM2+ socket, but the motherboard i bought supports AM3 as well but only DDR2 memory which means I can upgrade the CPU in the future but not the memory to DDR3

Any suggestions

Thanks !!
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  1. No. Unless you live near frys (maybe you do?). They beat everybody. And ddr2 will hold you over as long as the board you use works. Rule of thumb: never upgrade until you've sold your old stuff first and see what you get for it.
  2. What you got is an AM2+ motherboard that has support for AM3 CPUs I believe how that works because if it was true AM3 it would be DDR3.

    Now as far as was it a good deal? Yes, it was a great deal and as far as your CPU should be able to handle its own for the next few years. What GPU do you have? If this is a gaming rig the GPU is what will make or break your system.

    DDR3 RAM from DDR2 isnt to much of a real performance gain DDR2 has plenty of bandwidth to feed your system so I wouldnt worry about that. AMD is great for upgrading and as of now all new processors will support DDR2 and DDR3. Bulldozer which is slated for 2011 cant say for sure whether it will support DDR2 and I am not up on AMD as much as I could be but I am almost certain that Bulldozer will be on a different socket.
  3. hey guys thanks for the input I bought the CPU from TigerDirect and the Motherboard from Newegg also got some Arctic Silver 5 for the CPU and GPU. I have the 9800GTX+ running on my 22" 1680x1050 moniter so I think the GPU is going to be good for a while Ive been running it on a PCI Express 1.1 slot so this new board will have PCI E 2.0 =) !!

    Heres a link to the motherboard:

    Also this mobo although it supports AM3 it only takes DDR2 ram thats why i was talking about not being able to have DDR3 until I build a whole new system
  4. Wow, seems we performing the same upgrade paths.

    I just bought this same processor and now looking for mobo as well. I like this mobo.
    Very popular and 4 slots of ram for easier upgrade.

    Reusing existing am2 parts. See my sig. Scary similar.

    I don't think you can go wrong with the 940 and ddr2. I think it will be a very good upgrade. Especially for Bad Company 2.
  5. yea I just saw the newegg email haha and yes I can't wait to play Bad Company 2 on this new system !!
  6. For all intents and purposes it is an AM2 mother board. It says AM3/AM2/etc because an AM3 chip such as the 945 will work on it. That's because an AM3 chip has both an AM3 and an AM2 memory controller on it. No matter what though, quite a snag.
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