Overclocking on M68MT-S2P Motherboard

I'm having some problems getting the best overclock for my processor with this motherboard. My Specs are:

GA-M68MT-S2P motherboard
Phenom II x4 965 BE Processor
8 GB Crucial Ballistix Tactile RAM
Windows 7 64-bit

This computer is for my fiancee so I of course want it to run and game right or I will never hear the end of it. She is going to want to use it mostly for gaming and making lesson plans. Before anyone jumps on the "why oh why don't you build an i5 or i7 bandwagon I have a budget for this build and the specs here will last for the next year at least, and when the next gen Xbox and PS4s come out who knows if the i5 or i7 will be good enough or will it be like the dual core vs xbox 360 and PS3 was like 7, 8 years ago. I figure I'll keep these stats and then upgrade a year or so from now after the release of the next gen consoles to make sure I'll be set for the next several years after they release. But anyway getting back to my questions:

1. I want to overclock the processor to 3.8ghz, nothing crazy, but I have noticed that cool n quiet won't work with a multiplier above 18 or 18.5 and at fsb 200 it would take a multiplier of 19. I really need for cool n quiet to be running as I don't want the power bill through the roof (with this build complete there will be 2 computers running nearly all the time). Is there anything wrong with overclocking the fsb to 212 or so and setting the multiplier to x18 to get 3.8ghz? I currently have the computer set to 3.6ghz and set an undervolt to 1.4v (my board set it to 1.475 default which I thought was high). After several hours Prime 95 testing my cores never exceeded 55 C and my NB was 51 C (I have 6 120mm fans in my case and one right over the NB) so overclocking the fsb should be okay right?

2. I have read a lot of people suggesting enabling LLC in Bios. I have the latest bios for my board, however I see no option at all for LLC, am I missing something? I would really like to make sure LLC is at least enabled, and set it to extreme if possible, but I can't find an option for it. If I'm just clueless please tell me where to go in Bios to set the LLC. I am running CPU-Z OC, and HW Monitor can they tell me if I have LLC enabled? Can any program tell me from Windows if LLC is enabled?

3. If I do overclock the fsb and multiplier will it affect the RAM in a negative manner? I know setting the fsb higher overclocks the RAM, Processor, and NB but as long as temps are kept in check am I right in assuming it should be okay?

4. This may sound really dumb, but by undervolting the processor to 1.4 can that damage anything? I know that overvolting can make it run too hot and damage it over time, but is there any danger in undervolting it? Am I right to assume that the default 1.475 is a bit high? My motherboard set it to 1.475 at only 3.4ghz by default, it just struck me as too high.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out!!
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  1. Update I managed to get a stable overclock of 3.962GHz with 212 x 18.5 setting so cool and quiet is working perfectly!! I'm going to call that a success given the limitations of the motherboard.
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