How to setup Windows 8 pro (client) to time sync with the local LAN PDC/NTP serv

We have a LAN PDC and server with NTP service. How do I setup the clients running Windows 8 Professional Edition, to use the local server NTP and not use an external source like ""?
I am missing some important knowledge since this must be a very common occurance.
Thank You!
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  1. Can you go to adjust time and manually enter the servers address.
  2. I tried to do what you suggested. All Windows 8 offers is a few standard choices in a drop-box menu. I could not locate a place to type in my own NTP server.
  3. Normally an option in group policy for NTP Server, normally,0x1

    Not sure for W8.
  4. Thanks for the ideas. It turns out that the configuration is pretty much handled automatically when joining a Windows 8 client to a domain. As das_stig suggested, it can be subject to group policy. There is a great deal of information about it at this URL:
    and here:;EN-US;262680
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