Hello,i want to know if my AMD phenomII 965 BE will be ok with a jetway PA78M4-H? i'm completely clueless but want to get into the game.
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  1. Here is your motherboard and it's cpu support list.

    It appears it only supports 125W processors, and has no support for the C3 stepping. I don't think the 965 will work as it isn't listed, but you could get a 955 or you'll need a different motherboard.
  2. The 955BE is really a better deal anyway and can be Overclocked by simply increasing the multiplier to make up the 200mhz difference.

    Phenom II 955 BE C2 stepping

    You have to make sure you get this box #HDZ955FBGIBOX. You will see on Newegg they sell two different models one is the C3 stepping version which is not supported by your board.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Here is the link to your motherboard
    In the CPU support list,it doesn't have Phenom II 965 listed,but 955 is listed.
    I think 965 BE will work though,but to be sure,ask Jetway about it
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