700-1000€ Gaming Computer

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 2 weeks or so BUDGET RANGE: 700-1000€ (it can go up or down a little bit)


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I dont need monitor,keyboard,mouse.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: No idea sorry. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Spain (Canary Islands)
PARTS PREFERENCES: Ive heard nvidia are better for games, but to be honest no idea :??:

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Got a 19"monitor, think its 1280x1024

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I need a computer that can last for a lot of time and eventually, change 1 part or 2, like the graphics card for example and be able to play future games.

Thanks in advance! :wahoo:
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  1. Where can you order from ??

    Can you give us links to any PC parts sites which you can buy from ??

    Any USA territory, over there ??

    = Alvin =
  2. Hmm 1280 x 1024 can hit something far cheaper with still a wee bit of upgrade room

    Rana 425
    HD 5670/HD 4770 (whichever is cheaper)
    80+ certified with active PSU
    2-4GB DDR3 1333

    done :P
  3. Example config - you may upgrade the GPU and perhaps think about an after market HSF/clocking with an LCD upgrade later hehe Can even throw in this SATA/USB 3 support mobo *rolls eyes* Taken off Ebuyer UK
  4. Thanks for your replies! If anyone got anything else to recommend, go ahead :D Btw from what i see in your replies, i was completely wrong and looks like ATI is the way to go :lol: @Alvin about the links, i dont really know where to buy the parts, ill start comparing prices when i know what parts im getting
  5. About the resolution, i said 1280x1024 because i think its the optimum one for my monitor, but is there any problem if i use a higher resolution in games? (worst performance for example) Ty in advance :p
  6. Well, keep us in the loop ... As you "cobble" your build ... Some folks come and go for several weeks, tuning their build so, ... look for one or two sources to get all your parts from, if at all possible, rather than to shop price (only) and get every part from a different place.
    I am very grateful for newegg because they have (both) good prices (accross the board) and very broad and comprehensive selection. .. This makes all the tracking of orders and shipping and RMAs (forbid!) so much simpler ... so, try to consolidate your purchases from as few vendors as is practical/feasible, for the sake of administrative efficiency.

    ... We'll be here ... Just dig up this thread or start a new one.

    By the way, ... I know you did not get "many" opinions, here, your first time up, but I happen to know that Batuchka is emminently qualified to give you the very best value/performance rig. I have seen so many of "Kitty's" builds that I would just hand over the money and trust whatever Bat comes up with.

    What I'm saying is that BatCat is one of our very best and the only caveat I might give with Bat's build advice is "Don't let the Cat save you TOO much money" !

    = Al =
  7. A friend of mine recommended me this: http://wowncs.com/sadsad.jpg
    Although its a bit too expensive.
    Which one you guys think is more price/efficient, or one between both? Dont know very well how to explain this, but the efficiency/price curve theres a moment where something which is just a little better costs a lot more, i dont want the computer to pass that line. Thanks once more helping me make this really difficult situation (and important! :lol: )
  8. We call that "price point" ... "The Sweet Spot" ... But believe this .... The manufacturers have stratified their product lines to pretty much always give you "just one more step up" for just another $30 USD. So ... You WILL need to draw the line somewhere.
  9. I would rate your friend's build and pricing as "very good" ... but ... WE (here) cannot say anything about the "NOX" items, in terms of build quality, reliability, or performance or expandability ... The branded items all are higher quality and those prices are commensurate with "street".

    The only OTHER questions would be if you trust the vendor with your credit information and if they will be responsible and responsive to any issues that may arise ... look-out for serious "Gotchas" like extreme shipping charges" or like charging the whole amount and sending you one SATA cable, while putting the rest on backorder and earning interest on *your* money. That stuff used to happen a lot ... I had a vendor charge me $3K and send me a printer cable ... Only when I had involved both State's Attourneys General did that vendor send the rest.

    ... Just know who you are dealing with ... how long in business ... volume ... respectability ... You will be giving them a great deal of personal info and monies.

    = Al =
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