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Is there a Hope to overclock my DDR2 Kingston RAM memory..

Hi to all of you geeks!

A noob here, I have an ancient Intelcore2 duo e6300 running at 1.8ghz with 4GB of RAM memory...since I am going to use it for photoshopping and for other graphic design purposes.. I guess I will be needing more of RAM, but the max that my mobo (GIgabyte g31m-es2l) can handle is 4GB. and I am thinking overclocking it can help me with my works...

Hoping for a help or a way to help me..

Thanks fellas =)
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  1. as far as i know, overclocking the ram does not help as much as overclocking the processor for example.

    i used to have that processor, and i went up to 3ghz (could be higher but i never tried). this with memory still at 800mhz (or a few mhz below it since this is tied to the fsb)
  2. Thank you Cons29 for the help...

    Yeah, I initially clinged on how to OC my procie here on the web, but just learned that i need to have a satisfying fan for it to chill while running on an oC mode.,
    I am in Philippines and we are approaching summer and i guess that wouldn't be a good idea unless I had an extra buck to upgrade my casing for a better airflow..

    would you recommend a fan for this LG775 if I had a chance to OC this..
    I will seek help from you eh!? =D

    ahaha Thanks bro!
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    haha kabayan :)

    there are some cheap coolers like the deepcool lineup. i would suggest that you read some reviews. you can check deepcool lineup, then maybe select 2-3 based on price (that you're willing to spend) and/or looks. then google for some reviews.

    don't worry, most coolers are compatible with different sockets like the current 1155 down to 775 holes. so it is worth the investment,

    im using 620 of antec, for a while now if im not mistaken, cooling my 4ghz 2500k
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  5. Oohhh... I just learned that: hsf of 775 can be also use when I upgrade into i7 in the future? correct me if I am wrong! thanks for that!

    ahaha! are you filipino?
  6. yes i am :)

    just check whatever cooler you will be buying, they do list those supported sockets
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