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I'm wanting to build a system to run my Adobe CS5 suite(After effect, Premiere and photoshop). After doing months of research I' still confused about which motherboard to get. I already have a i7 950 CPU. I want to run 12gb of ram and raid together 2 2TB HD in a raid 0 for my video data. The two Motherboards I was considering are Asus P6X58D-E or the GA-X58A-UD3R? I like the gigabyte because of the 2 esata and 2 firewire connections. I plug in alot of peripherals into my board. If I go with the Asus I will need to add esata.

The Raid seem to be the sticking point. I've read here many time about some issue with UD3R with raid. What exactly is the issue? Is it just a problem when using SSD? Does the UD5 have the same raid issue?

I don't plan on using SSD at this time. But would like the opinion to upgrade at some point. Which one should I get? Most likely won't Overclock.
Thanks so much for your thoughts.
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  1. I have 9 Asus P6X58D-E - they're flawless for me. Also, I would look at the GTX 470 with your Adobe products. RAM -> CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 - Corsair Tested list -

    Premiere Pro CS5 accelerated GPUs -

    NEVER the GA-X58A-UD3R & UD5 -> It's a hardware/bandwith issue with Gigabyte the new Beta BIOS Jerry-Riggs at best to 'make' it work.

    Have you considered Xeon rig with ECC?
  2. Thank for your help.
    I will go with the Asus. I don't now what you mean when you say "Have you considered Xeon rig with ECC?" Would you explain please.
  3. If you're a 'Pro' with Adobe CS5 then instead of a 'Consumer' PC I would take a serious look at a Workstation running Xeon CPUs with ECC error correcting RAM -

    Most Professionals prefer and use Workstation Example:
    My guy prefers his Apple Mac Pro {12-core/Dual Xeon}. Also, Quadro GPUs vs consumer GTX. Keep in mind it isn't cheap, but Time = $ {rendering time}, and a home built Xeon will cost ~ $2,000~$3,500++ -- still 1/2 the cost of either HP or Apple Workstations.
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