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I built my rig almost a week ago, and now I'm working on fine tuning it as well as discovering some of its limits as I look for the right parts to finish it up. I recently took a stab at overclocking the processor, and what I saw seemed high so I wanted to get a second opinion. I'm using the intel stock fan with the stock thermal paste that comes with it. I tested for load using Prime95.

@3.2GHz OC

Idle: 40-45C
Load: 85-87C

@2.67GHz (base clock)

Idle: 32-34C
Load: 65-68C

Are these temperatures about average for an i5-750 or are they high?

I have a tube of Actic Silver 5 that I bought today, but I'm wondering if it would be a waste to use it on the intel stock cooler. It's a 3.5g tube if that makes a difference.

I'm also looking into getting a heat sink in the coming week, but there's so many conflicting reviews, and I haven't seen many that cover cooling overclocked processors. I have a personal goal of 4.0-4.2GHz on my i5-750 with an ultimate goal of keeping it around 3.8 unless the temps/power usage are still good at 4.0-4.2. I want to keep the system as quiet as I can, but cooling it is a top priority, especially since my room gets very hot in the summer.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try one drop of the arctic silver, but don't expect too much, maybe your temps will drop 2-3c. I recommend a scythe 120mm cooler. Newegg frequently sells them in the open box section; be sure it fits 1156; my old 775 cooler wouldn't line up with the motherboard holes. I live in south texas, and my i3 system shutdown yesterday due to excessive heat when I left the a/c off too long. But I don't worry about long term damage. Be sure to set your shutdown temp at 70c in the bios.
  2. I think your temps are too high personally, especially your OC'ed temps. If you're gonna OC, get an aftermarket cooler. You can pick up some cheap ones that have been proven to OC well for around $30. If you're stuck with stock for a little while, I'd check to make sure your heatsink is firmly pushed in. This was my mistake when I first built my system. My pins weren't in all the way and my temps were reaching 70+ in-game. I pulled the side off and tried to wiggle the heatsink and sure enough it wasn't installed properly. 2 of the pins weren't in all the way.
  3. Is there a HSF you'd recommend if I'm aiming for 4GHz? I'm sticking with stock for only as long as it takes me to decide on the right HSF. My case is an HAF 922. I've look at a lot of HSF information, but I haven't really been able to decide which solution is going to provide me with the right performance for the right price. I would prefer something that is quiet and doesn't require me to buy extra fans for it to operate optimally.
  4. Alot of people like this:


    Depends on how much you want to spend. I have the coolermaster hype 212 + but I'm only OC'ed to 3.2 ghz on my i5. At the time I bought it, it was on sale on amazon for $26 free shipping. Took a week to ship but saved almost $10.

    You can check reviews on sites lik frostytech.com or somthing like that. Some people say their tests are flawed but just look around. You'll find reviews.
  5. The Megahalems require that I buy additional fans. Looking for a solution that doesn't require me to go out and get extra stuff just to make it work.
  6. No one else has any experience with overclocking an i5-750?
  7. I currently have a i5 750 with a coolermaster hyper 212 + sitting on top (1 fan). I have a HAF 922 case with pretty good cable management to keep the air flow flowing nicely through the case.

    Room temp is 75 F (24 C).

    I have it OCed to 3.2 atm and at idle my temps are 28 C on the lowest core and 33 on the hottest.
    Under full load it gets up to 52 C on the coolest core and 58 on the hottest.

    Make sure if you get a heatsink with the copper tube heat pipes touching the cpu that you really read up and do your research on how to apply thermal paste. Make sure that you fill in all the gaps that are present so you get maximum heat transfer.
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