Thinking of upgrading

Hi all,

Im thinking of upgrading my pc, its not the youngest fastest thing around but has done me well...

Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 1.0)
5000+ black @3.2ghz
4GB Ocz 800mhz
ATI HD4870 512mb
Ocz stealth 600W
Running Win7 pro 64bit

I cant afford a new pc but i know that my CPU is a bottleneck for my GPU. The biggest cpu supported is the Phenom X4 9850. Would it be worth it?

I have seen a 125w and a 95w version in the cpu support list and the max wattage the motherboard will give is 125w. So if i can find a 95w version then i can clock it to get more out of it.

cpu support list for my mboard

Its not an ideal solution i know but crysis 2 is coming out among others and would like to get my GPU to work to its potential
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  1. I know a new mobo and cpu would be better but im going to just get the cpu and next time around replace the lot. Give it another year and either processor and my GPU will be struggling to keep up with the norm. This way I can make this rig last a bit longer while I save for a beast.

    I thought about the 9750 but the 9850 is black ed so if i can find the 95w version (HD9850WCJ4BGH) i can clock it a bit.

    Also has anyone done a similar upgrade? What was the performance gain like for you?
  2. Sorry, HD9850WCJ4BGH isnt black ed, my bad. :pfff:

    my question still stands tho:

    Also has anyone done a similar upgrade? What was the performance gain like for you?
  3. Quote:
    Clock for clock, K10 is ~20% than the K8, which translates to if you have games that only uses 2 threads, the difference of a 9750 @2.8Ghz and a 5000+ @3.2 would be close to nothing, however, with multithreaded games, you performance should jump at least 60%+. So it really depends on what games you plan to run. Though if you are planning to run future games like Crysis 2, Id suggest wait another couple of months and see the pricing then.

    Fair enough, makes sense. I think ill wait for now.

    Thanks for your help Timop!
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