Combine a SATA dvd drive with an IDE DVD drive

I am considering having a second DVD Drive on my system, but the only thing is that one is a SATA and my other one is an IDE. My motherboard has connections for both SATA and IDE, but is it a bad idea to do this? Will it lead to trouble? If not a bad thing, should the IDE be set up with Jumpers as SLAVE, MASTER Or the other setting that just says C?
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  1. If the IDE drive is working right now, don't mess with the jumpers. Just plug the SATA drive in. There shouldn't be any problems. In your burning software just select which burner to use.
  2. Thanks. I appreciate the advice. My BIOS recognized it just fine (both the SATA Optical drive and the PATA). We will see how things are once I install an operating system. I think it should be fine.
  3. It should be. No reason why it wouldn't be.
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