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My small biz has some legacy XP pro SP3 machines that I want to upgrade. The old client machines have small IDE drives containing MS Office, Outlook Express, etc. & related files. I began to upgrade by building some new SATA machines with IDE cards installed. However, when I pulled an old IDE drive from one of the legacy client boxes & installed it in the new build box, I got a blue screen trying to boot. Tried safe mode w/o luck. Also tried reinstalling and/or repairing WinXP on the IDE drive without luck.

I am thinking about buying a new SATA drive, installing it with a fresh copy of WinXP in one of the new build boxes & then cloning the files from a legacy IDE drive to the new STAT drive.

How best to do this? With acronis?

I don't want to clone the entire IDE drive (with the OS) to a SATA drive since I can't get the IDE drive to boot in the newly built box to begin with.

Thanks for your suggestions !!!

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  1. take the new computer install XP and all programs that you need on it then connect the old hard drive and copy the data.

    Acronis will only work if you try to upgrade the drive in the old computer with a new IDE drive.

    you will not be able to boot the new computer of the old drive because of driver incompatibility
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    Use Acronis to clone the IDE HD to the new SATA HD...
    Download Hiren Boot CD 15
    Boot from the CD and go to MINI XP
    in there run Fix HDC

    After that you should able to boot from your XP in the new SATA ... then install all the driver..
  3. emerald - I understand that I could install XP on the new SATA HD but will be a long process to reinstall the programs & data but thanks for your suggestion.

    sonexpc - I have burned Hirens Boot CD & have ordered a new SATA drive. What will Fix HDC do to the version of XP that was originally on the IDE drive, now cloned to the new SATA drive? Thanks for your idea ... will try it when I get the new SATA drive.
  4. After clone to the new SATA HD if you plug in to the system it should give you a blue screen with error code 0X0000007B... this is because of the HDD Controller is different... so by apply Fix HDC ... it will change the HD Controller on the SATA HD XP Register to a standard Controllrt so you can enter XP and reinstall the right driver.
  5. Thanks sonexpc ... everything you suggested worked perfectly. I appreciate the time you took to help me out.

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  7. Worked for me too, brill.
    Thanks sonexpc
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