1600 or 2200 ?

hi i'll gonna buy new pc with these specs

core-i5 750 (2.66G , 8m)
gigabyte p55a-ud4p
nividia gtx 260
4G ram
my question is which of these two rams should i choose that can provid me with fine gaming experience and stability
2*kingmax 1600mhz with cas 9
2*kingmax hercules 2200mhz with cas 10

(note:these two rams are my only options)
please please please help.
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  1. any reason why these are your only choices? just personal choices? will you be oC your system?
  2. these are my only choices because i live in a country with a very limited choices and no visa
  3. The way I've had cas vs speed explained to me is like this
    ddr2 800 cas 4 = ddr3 1600 cas 8
    so just check the ratios cas to speed
    something like 8/1600 = x/2200 so x(or cas) = 11
    for the 1600 ram cas 9 is already slower then standard.
    cas 8 ddr3 1600 = cas 11 ddr3 2200
    the cas 10 ddr 3 2200 is the fastest overall...assuming its stable.
    Hope that was not super confusing, and please correct me if i'm wrong folks I know other factors apply in selecting ram but this is the general rule I’ve used.
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