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Asus GTX 660 Ti OC

I OCed my GTX 660 Ti (DCII from Asus) to 1100Mhz stock and 1165Mhz Boost. It runs stable in Furmark but, what are artifacts? Are they lines, or black spots on the screen? Im confused. I get little spot (its not black) it just blurs the fur ring this is rare though. Is my GPU stable? i returned back to stock clocks and the same thing happens so i assume that it is stable
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    Artifacts are usually spots that appear on screen when the graphic card has been pushed too far. There is also screen tearing and lines, but more or less they fall into the same category. Artifacts usually appear when the memory clock has been pushed too far. Run Unigine Heaven or 3dmark11 with your overclock and watch for artifacts. If its just one little spot in furmark, and does not appear anywhere else in game or benchmarks then you should be ok.

    Did you also overclock the memory or just the GPU?

    Hope this helps!
  2. I OCed memory aswell... to 6450Mhz should i reduce it?
  3. Try running the benchmarks that i listed or play an intensive game, and check if you see artifacts. If you encounter some then I would lower the memory clock. You can always try running furmark without the memory overclock. Also note that a higher GPU clock will provide better performance than an increased memory clock.
  4. will lowering the memory clock cause less performance...
  5. Yes, but if you just lower it a bit you will not notice it at all. Memory clock does not affect performance as much as the core clock.
  6. I had to lower memory clock to 6384 and core clock to 1085 to get it stable...
  7. Scratch that. I needed to get the core clock to 1070MHz and the memory clock to 6290 to get it stable when running Unigine Heaven Benchmark... Its more demanding than Furmark. If i kept running my card at those clocks, im sure it would die sooner... Thanks Philip! you have been very very helpful :)
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  9. No problem, I'm glad I could help!
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