New H55 Build with I5-650

Hey everyone,

I'm doing a new build for a friend, and was hoping for some feedback before giving the green light. This PC will be primarily used for watching movies, basic photo editing, some video encoding, Internet surfing and downloads. No gaming intentions, unfortunately. I know this build is overkill, but my friend insists that the build be worthy for 6-8 years. I doubt that it will be as he says "worthy" that long.... He doesn't upgrade often, and because of this, I was originally going to recommend a Socket 775 build to save some money. He did not want something that was End of Life. So, I tried to be as forward-looking as possible on a budget. I doubt he'll get full utilization of this build, but It's his money, not mine.

Expected Purchase date: Within One Week
Expected Usage: Watching Video, editing Video, Editing Photos, surfing Internet, and Downloads. No gaming on this machine.
Overclocking: most likely none.

The Parts list:

CPU - Intel Core i5 650 Dual Core w/ Hyper Threading 3.2Ghz w/ Onboard Graphics @ 733Mhz

Case - Cooler Master Elite 330

Power Supply - Corsair 400Watt

Hard Drive - Western Digital Black 500GB

Motherboard - Gigabyte H55

Memory (RAM) - Corsair 2GB 1333Mhz or 4GB Corsair XMS 1600Mhz

DVD Drive - Samsung

Keyboard/Mouse - Logitech Wireless

Windows OS - Microsoft

(Optional) Hard Drive - Intel 40GB SSD I doubt he'll jump for this one.....

No Discrete Video as this is not a gaming PC. Personally, I think the User would be fine with a E5300, 2~4GB DDR2 1066 RAM, a mid-range Socket 775 Mobo, a Radeon HD4350 and more HDD space. What is your opinion, is this severe overkill, or can the User grow into this system? Any tips?

Thanks in advance
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  1. ^ If he wants to stick with an Intel build, then that above build is fine...
    IMO you can get a very good Quad AMD cheaper...

    And some suggestions on the case and PSU - Get these cases from Antec...these come wiht high quality PSUs...

    2. HDD - Get the Samsung F3 series or Seagate 7200.12 drives...they are faster and efficient...

    3. RAM options -

    And I feel that he will be happy with it for a longer time, which is what he needs...But an AMD build would have been cost effective and also has better upgrade path...
  2. I should have mentioned he is quite particular on the case, for aesthetic reasons.... I'm pretty sure he wishes to stick with Intel. He did express interest in a Quad-core, but IMO it would be more than he needs.

    Those RAM options are nice, I'll see how those fit into the budget. (Around $800) As for the HDD, I was trying to find a HDD with 32MB cache for better performance. That's why I chose the WD Black.
  3. Hmm...well the Antec Sonata III looks pretty good and IMO a better option...
    But again its upto him...

    As for the HDD, not necessarily more cache implies bettter performance...The newer F3s from Samsung and 7200.12 drives from Seagate has a single platter design - A single 500GB platter...So less moving parts, faster and less heat...So these dont require that amount of cache...
  4. Just built a simular system for the Wife.

    I would go for 2 x 2 gig memory as opposed to 2 X 1 gig memory Preferably CL7, or 8. (on 32 Bit operating system will have about 3.3 gigs available to operating system and Programs) Well worth it. Note on memory recommend the 1.5 Volt vs the Low voltage 1.35 V. Although my H55M-UD2H recognized it as 1.35 V, it set it to 1.44 V (Using profile 1). Bios selections are 1.300 (low (sets to 1.33) and 1.40 which sets to 1.44 V)
    What I bought, not recommended:
    Would have preferred:

    Go with
    Well worth the small increase. MUCH Better Audio, also adds esata and firewire to back.

    I went with the I5-530. Not a big cost factor, about $30 cheaper, But OC to 3.3 GHZ is very mild, and simple - I just used easytune6, selected 3.3 GHz and whalla. (ran Prime 95 to verify it was stable. At stock diff is only about 10% which normally not noticable to user.

    Great choice - I selected the same one.

    Look at front panel options and location of usb ports, I hate floor level and if under a desk, ones that are on top and facing up. Also check out user comments on newegg.

    I also bought my parts from Microcenter (MB, CPU, CPU Cooler) and newegg (Case, PSU and Memory).
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