Nine Hundred Two Space

Does anyone know if the following would fit in the Antec Nine Hundred Two:

Will it fit the ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa 120mm Long life CPU Cooler? With the Optional Side fan?

How is the Cable management? Such as using the Corsair 750TX?

Anyone own it? What do you think of it?
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    I have a 902 and any hsu that's 160mm tall will just fit.
    However you can't use the side fan.
    Cable management is pretty good a little easier for me cuz i have the HX750.
    I like the look of it and the solid constuction.
    Airflow is awesome and quiet on low fan setting.
    I prefer blue lighting over red.
    It's older and has a couple of design flaws.
    No mobo cut-out i have no idea why they overlooked that since a 200 has it.
    Both side panels and 16 thumbscrews have to be removed to access the front filters.
    Just remove half the number of thumbscrews on either side of the cages you don't need that many only 4 aside to secure the cages.
    No bottom psu venting.not really a huge deal.
    I can lean over in my chair and undo side panels and cages for filter clean with pc running and i'm old.
    The new Antec DarkFleets have addressed these issues but i'm not too sure if i like the look of them.
    Would have to inspect them up close.
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