Do I need more ram or a new graphics card for WOW?


This is my current setup:

Intel Pentium D CPU 3.4 GHz

2 GB of RAM

NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 512 MB

I get a good avg of 40 fps, but with settings at about medium or so. Do I need more ram or a better graphics card to run at near-max settings? Any suggestions is welcome.
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  1. 2GBs isn't bad, but the P4D isn't and the 7300GT is even worse. If your trying to play WotLK it will bring that card to its knees. Upgrading the card isn't a bad idea, but then you have the slow P4 holding it back. I'd look at getting a good PSU, and maybe a 4650 if you can find one cheap. Might keep you going for a bit more.
  2. The video card is your biggest bottleneck... obviously your CPU is one as well, but I think the GPU is worse off than the CPU. If you can only replace one component, replace your GPU... assuming it's a PCI-E card, that will carry over to a new system... if you get a new CPU, well... you'll be limited in your choices because of your motherboard and a new CPU will NOT carry over to a new system.
  3. Yeah, it would be your CPU and video card that are limiting you. The video card would be cheaper and easier to replace. Even a cheap card like the HD4670 should allow you to play at much higher settings than the 7300GT.
  4. Yeah, get a 4650/4670 as a cheap in-place upgrade...your mobo DOES use PCI-E right...

    Either way, the Pentium D is getting on...does your mobo support C2D/C2Q?
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