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I'm looking to possibly add a memory cooling water block from XSPC to my system, but I'm kind of torn on it. Product support at XSPC simply said "1pcs memory needs 1pcs side plate,and our memory waterblock can work with 4pcs side plate max."

This reply did nothing but confuse me more. I already have 4 sticks of Kingston Hyper X Black memory for my system, covered in XSPC memory side plates. Each side plate kit consisted of two halves, making it a total of 4 pieces for 2 memory sticks, but does this reply mean that XSPC is considering each piece of a memory side plate kit individually? Or does it indeed mean that it will fully cover 4 separate memory sticks in a system....cause the picture on their product website doesn't look like it will cover 4 sticks at all, and there is no manual at all for this product on their website.

Anyone want to help figure this one out?
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  1. Umm, why do you need to water cool RAM?
  2. Thanks for the non-answer.

    And some people feel they HAVE to cool their ram to get the most out of their PC system. Some want to do it purely for cosmetics looks.

    I just wanted to know in case I decided to add that extra hop in my currently planned water cooling loop or not.
  3. I ordered the kit. It came with parts to cover 2 dimms of RAM. I have 4 like you so I'm gonna have to order some more side plates. They come in sets for 2 sticks.
  4. Umm....... ok?
  5. yup
  6. hey did that work with you getting the other 2 panels. I did the same thing you did i have 4 sticks of ram and i got the XSPC Memory WaterBlock + Side Plate Set http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009KBDKVQ?psc=1&redir...

    so should i get the XSPC Universal Memory Side Plate, Twin Set http://www.amazon.com/XSPC-Universal-Memory-Side-Plate/...

    your feed back would be wonderful thanks a bunch
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