Could this have damaged my motherboard? PSU condensation

I just swapped out my 650TX with my old Olympia Silverstone OP650, since the 650 was maknig a ton of squealing while gaming and I plan on RMAing it.

So I plugged everything in, hit power.
Brief flash of light on the GPU LED, then nothing.
Realize I had the wrong power cable hooked up to the OP650, so swapped it out with its old one. H
Hit power. Brief flash of light, then again nothing.

Pulled the power out of the mobo, made sure it was facing the wrong way, inserted it, since it didn't feel like it went in right initially. Two quick flashes on LED, then nothing (while plugging it in)

Finally hit power button. Nothing. Rapidly tap power button, nothing.
Hold power button, WE HAS LIFTOFF. And it booted and is soaring now.
I turned PC off for 30 seconds to let caps discharge - hit power, instantly booted up.

Now, I've ruled this as power supply condensation, and several others on OCN have as well.

What I'm wondered about now, however, is whether or not this could've damaged my motherboard? It happened about 3 hours ago and I've been gaming ever since without a hitch, so I don't know what to say.
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  1. Keep running. Your board caps may have saved the board from permanent damage. If it works, use it. The manufacturer won't replace a good board, plus you may get a used one if you rma it.
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