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I am a 14 year old boy, working at minimum wage.
I have saved a fair amount of money, and I am now wishing to build a high speed Gaming PC. I am on a decent budget of anywhere from 500-1000 dollars.
I already have an intel core duo processor, but I would like recommendations and rough pricings of the components. I'd also like to know how the Aerocool Syclone appeals as a chassis.
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  1. Hi gigiwest123, nice to hear young boys able to save up for "some toys" :)

    While you are waiting for replies to your question, read these first:
    These will give you good general ideas. Once you have done what is being asked on these, you can ask us more specific questions...

    Aerocool Syclone is certainly looks cool... :) Let me do some reading how it performs and will give you my opinion...
  2. Thanks man
  3. I checked on the Aerocool but it doesn't have much review and the one I found is translated from German.
    As I mentioned earlier, it really look cool and many of your friends will be impressed. If that is a big point for you, then go for it...
  4. I'm more about performance than the look. Suggestions?
  5. I'm not saying that the Aerocooler will not perform. Its just that the only review I found is german and I don't understand it. :)
    But if you want performance, here is top notch recommendation from most:
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