Overclocking on air GT 620

I was wondering if anyone knew a safe overclock setting for the EVGA GT 620 on air cooling? I have set it currently to 803MHz for the core clock and 930MHz for the memory clock. I know that is not a lot and should be safe, however I am new to OCing and don't want to burn up, yet I would like to push my card past the factory settings to get the best performance. So any advice or help would be great. The default core/mem clock is 720/900.

I have Afterburner and Kombustor for my OC app.

Thanks in advance to any and all that can help me with this.
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  1. Just bump the core clock, leave the RAM alone, load test, and watch temps.

    If your temps get close to 80C, stop the load test and back down the clock a bit.

    Once you get the core clock as high as it will go and stay stable, then move on to the RAM speed and test.

    I woudn't expect a big improvement with an OC on that card though. (even if you get a good bump in clock speed)
  2. Thanks I'll give that try and see what I can get.
  3. Great, so I did the OC on the cards and have gotten a nice little bump I've got them set and stressed them for stability with no issues and maybe could set a little higher but I can wait it's not that important.

    Thanks Z1NONLY
  4. You're welcome.
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