3570k, should I worry about these temps?

I'm running at stock clocks on a H60, can't make sense of what I'm seeing.

78C on the hottest core, but 48C CPU temperature. Wat? :??:

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  1. That program is hit and miss.

    Try coretemp.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    The heat from the radiator certainly doesn't feel like 80C, doesn't feel any different than idle. Possibly the cooler isn't doing its job, or something else maybe?
  3. That's high-ish, but many think it's ok for ivy. Of course those temps are lower than what you would see with Intel Burn Test.
  4. I don't get why its 80C on the cores, but only 50C on the 'CPU' though? Also I've felt my radiator before at 80C before and its much hotter than it feels now.

    Plus, 80C seems extremely high for stock clocks. Whats wrong?
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