Mouse dies after 2-3 hours?

I posted this in the overclock section because I am not sure what else could be causing this type of failure.

After 2-3 hours of gaming (sometimes up to 5) the mouse is completely unresponsive and the lights go off on it everywhere. After I reboot it comes back no problems.

I've been messing with my new 8320 lately and didn't notice any of these problems prior to that. It's currently at 4.2 ghz because I was trying to prevent power loss to my mouse but no matter how far I bring it down it still seems to die at some point.

Do I have too many peripherals plugged in? Is my setup just not getting enough power? Time for a new PSU?

just looking for some ideas here! thanks!


Sabertooth 990fx
FX 8320
16gb g skill sniper 1866mhz
128gb samsung 830
250gb samsung 840
msi 660 ti pe
Cooler Master silent pro 700w

Cyborg mmo 7 mouse, Logitech gamepad, logitech wireless keyboard
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  1. take it back to the pet shop...................

    anyways, did you try other usb ports? pull half the ram see what happens.

    did you try updating the driver through the device manager or getting the latest driver from the manufacturers site?

    what's the amperage on the PS ( 12v ).

    is the mouse getting hot ( the electronics )? is this a cheap mouse? does it have it's own cooling?

    set machine back to stock ( clear cmos ) what happens?
  2. I've cleared cmos a few times.

    I have not tried another port, that I will do today.

    Half the ram is also a good idea I'll try that if switching the port doesn't help.

    not sure of the amperage but its a high quality PSU.

    The mouse does not get hot and i believe it's one of the most expensive on the internet ($129)

    Great ideas though, I'll try them today.
  3. swifty_morgan said:
    take it back to the pet shop...................

    ROFLMAO :lol:

    That was priceless!

    Sorry OP!
  4. Yeah sounds like a port issue..... does overclocking the bus do anything to the usb's clock? I don't know but that would be a shot in the dark guess... def try other ports, make sure its on a different uh controller I think is the term
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