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Hello people..! I'm looking to get a new motherboard and I'm a little lost!! Been a few years since I have actually payed attention to the hardware scene. BOOO you say, well yes I deserve that!! Haha. Any ways, I'v got a amd 2x0 6500+ at the moment, 4gb 800mhz ddr2, a 9800gt graphics card and a atx psu. Not very good to todays standard. I have recently got hold of an intel q9500, 8gb (2gbx4) 10600 ddr3, a crappy hp proprietary motherboard and psu, and a case to go with it.

Now I cant get the machine running as the psu is proprietary one and I'm not willing to give hp £130 of my hard earned cash for a half ass 320w psu. Sooo.. I'v decided to try salvage what I can and use the bits to upgrade my current machine. Now I realise the amd mobo is not going to work with the intel cpu =O .. so Im looking to get a new motherboard, possibly a psu (if needed) as I'm currently running a 400w atx and salvage the cpu and memory. The cpu is a definate as thats the whole point in this but the memory is optional, I'd be happy to just keep my current 800mhz ddr2 if it saves me spending an extra £100 getting a ddr3 10600 compatible motherboard.

So back to the reason I'm posting this essay..! WOo. Can anyone recommend a decent motherboard, possibly psu and memory option which will be affordable and maximise performance to value! A couple of different options and relative cost / payout would be pretty cool too if you can spare the time!!! Much appreciated for any help / guidance!!
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