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Hi, I recently bought a Zalman GS 1000 Plus case and assembled my computer, but the power button doesn't work. I have tried every configuration just in case my polarity was off, but it still doesn't work. There is only a PWR SW connector and a PLED connector with this case. I can turn my computer on using the motherboard power button, I just can't get the power button to work. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Read your motherboards manual,if you havent got it, D/l it from the manf's webby,
    it will tell you the functions of each pin on your front panel socket on the mobo, then its a simple task of pos+ on the pos+ pin, and Gnd- on the gnd- from your powerswitch line, still getting probs post your mobo model no and we should get you sorted :)
  2. I've read and re-read the section in my mobo's manual on the system panel connectors. My mobo is an Asus P6X58D Premium. Just recently bought both the mobo and the case.
  3. I cant find the manual online to check through it, found a pic of it though, You have a light blue 'box' somewhere on the mobo, on there it says pwr on one pin and gnd on the next, plug your cable from the front panel power button into these two pins, ill check back in 10 mins ok :P
  4. That's the sectoin of the mobo that I've been plugging into. Still not working. I understand not getting the connectors on my first try but this is ridiculous. I've connected front panels before so I don't understand this. I know I'm plugging the power connector into the right pins so at the very least I should be getting power, right? Any other ideas? Thanks for sticking with me.
  5. Np man, Its bugging me now lol, Maybe you have a duff pwr switch? you got another lead you can use? or (just strikes me) is there anything in bios to enable frontpanel functions? grabbing coffee, bi5
  6. I'm in the BIOS, where do you think something like that would be in it? I'm looking around but I can't find it. I'm beginning to think the connector is faulty...
  7. not familiar with Asus bios I'm afraid, so all I could say is start at front screen and try every menu,

    If you have the switch from your old case try that one to see if it works, Failing those two options working, hopefully another P6X58D owner will see the thread and maybe chip in, Im about out of ideas I'm afraid :)
    I got to get some sleep now man, Nightworker, but I'll check in when I get up later ok? GL
  8. Ha, well, your last idea of using the connectors from my old computer worked. Plug in the connectors and bam, first try, the computer boots. So I'm guessing it's a faulty power button connector... which makes my next move what? Talk to Zalman about replacing the whole case? Or is there a faster and less time consuming way of going about fixing this?
  9. Ok, Glad I stayed up hehe :) Get in touch with Zalman's support, they'll probably ship you a new button without too many quibbles,I cant see them needing you to return the whole case for a few pennies component, should be quick and pain free.
    Glad you got sorted out man.
    Can I sleep now?? :P
  10. Haha thanks a lot man. I'll get it worked out.
  11. Cool, glad it got sorted man, take it easy :)
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