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Hello just posting my results from overclocking my new i5 3570k. I've had AMD the last couple of years so the temps are taking some getting used to and I want to make sure they are ok. From what I've read they seem to be ok.

So I've gotten it up to a stable 4.5 with just a slight one bump in the offset voltage. 4.4 would run with out the bump and 4.6 wouldn't boot. P95 voltages are between 1.216 and 1.224. After an hour of running blend test the following where the max recorded temps, which i checked on it from time to time and the average package temp was a around 65-68C. But max (Core 0,1,2,3) 70, 75, 73, 67 with a package temp of 74C.

Gaming temps after an hour or so. Max temps are 57, 56, 56, 48 with a max package temp of 58C. Looking at a graph looks like it spiked to those temps for not a long period of time. Looks like average temps were between 40-50C.

So yea that's that, I guess a few of my questions are is this good for air cooled? What temps would be the concern mark for P95 and then the concern mark for gaming? And how much voltage is to much voltage with these chips?

Oh and idle temps XD Roughly 27, 25, 35, 25. Which for some reason at lower temps the core #2 reads about 10C higher than the rest all the time, from what I could find its nothing to worry about since everything gets close at higher temps.

Thanks in advance for your input/advice/answers.
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  1. Ivy can take the heat, just keep it below 80c and you will be fine. Anyway your temps are excellent for those clocks nothing to worry about there.
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